Mission and Vision

Mission of Bingöl University;

  • To raise individuals with the qualities needed by the region and country,
  • Expanding its academic activities in accordance with the understanding of lifelong learning of the people of the province and region,
  • To carry out research activities for the solution of local problems in a way that also contributes to the universal knowledge,
  • To contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the province and the region by designing to be a pioneer in education, training and research activities in the agriculture-basin-based development model,
  • To provide an encouraging and efficient education, training, and working environment for its academic and administrative staff.

 Vision of Bingol University;

  • A model to other universities about adding add value to the social, economic, and cultural assets of the province and the region by using pecuniary and human resources effectively in a way that will lead the agriculture-basin-based development of the region where it is located; to be a preferred university in the national and international arena, especially in its own geography.