Quality Policy

Our quality policy is the implementation of education, research and management activities in line with the mission, vision and goals of our university, with the understanding of total quality management adopted by our stakeholders, based on universal science, ethical principles and law, on the basis of continuous innovative improvement.

In accordance with our quality policy, legal requirements and international standards, our unit reassures:

  • To contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the province and the region by designing education, training and research activities to be a pioneer in the agriculture-basin-based development model,
  • To be an exemplary university for other universities in adding value to the social, economic and cultural assets of the province and the region by using physical and human resources effectively in a way to lead the agriculture-basin-based development of the region; to be a preferred university in the national and international arena especially in its own geography,
  • To be a reliable, preferred and efficient unit with an understanding that fully meets the expectations of education and training,
  • To make the necessary improvements for academic and administrative staff to become more competent and to create awareness about quality in all employees,
  • To be competitive in continuous improvement and change by improving all processes in cooperation based on trust with our internal and external stakeholders,
  • To increase international recognition by carrying our academic knowledge to the national and international level,
  • To identify the dangers that may arise in relation to occupational health and safety during the execution of our activities and to make relevant risk assessments,
  • To contribute to the social development and improvement by producing knowledge and technology with university-industry cooperation and by keeping close tabs on technological developments,
  • To contribute to the region within the scope of scientific research projects and pilot university in order to ensure the agriculture and basin-based development,
  • To be an exemplary university and unit that is respectful to the society and environment,
  • To improve the quality management system consistently.